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Thank you for the fast delivery of the ordered swiss replica watches. Unfortunately I am not at all satisfied with the swiss replica watches. They look different from the swiss replica watches I have ordered a few months ago, unfortunately at this replica watches sale broke the becel so I can not set it any longer. The new replica watches sale does not have the "Chronometre Navitimer" writing on the dial, the becel is smaller than with the first replica watches sale and the day and month dials look different too. But worse than that is the fact that the replica watches are not working properly. The automatic winding does not work and the date setting works only by turning the hour becel for 24 hours. Please inform me on your refund or returning policy. Here is a picture of the replica watches I purchased from you. The replica watches sale on top is the one I bought just recently while the bottom one was bought a few months ago. As you can see by your own the replica watches are different at the torbouillon, the sign, the date and month dial and the size of the becel although they are both supposed to be the swiss replica watches. At the one on the bottom, the older replica watches sale, the becel broke off, is there a way to fix it at a reasonable price? With the new replica watches sale I have just done as you have described, maybe it helps to start the automatic function. If not, how do we handle the return and the exchange for a new and working replica watch?

I have tried to send payment again but I think it has failed again, can you please see just incase my payment did go ahead. It says in my account that I have ordered two replica watches, but they are diferrent order numbers but the same replica watch? But I only need one, I see you put below pay with paypal but I can not see anywhere on your site to pay with paypal, it comes up only with pay with visa, not haveing much luck am I. Unfortunately I wanted that replica watch not another, please refund me the payment as soon as possible please. I am most upset with the service as the replica watch has taken you almost three weeks to tell me it is out of stock. The replica watch was to be a gift for which I can not now give nor afford and alternative. It took six days for the payment to leave my bank so I would expect it to be back within six days also.